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Redgate Art Studio


Red Gate Art Studio offers quality art classes for young people from 7 to 18 years old who are committed to and enthusiastic about art. The Studio is located in a delightful garden setting and class sizes are limited to ensure individual attention for all students. Red Gate Art Studio’s Art Program is based on a principle belief that the acquisition of skills and knowledge through explicit teaching and creative thinking are all fundamental to good arts practice. It allows students to interpret the world around them and encourages learning through direct observation and questioning, respecting each artist’s individuality, spontaneity and level of maturity.

Classes at Red Gate art studio have been running for over ten years.

As students EXPLORE the process of making art, they develop learning capabilities such as risk taking, problem solving, applying knowledge, skills and techniques, deveolping ideas, flexibility, communicating, persistence, resilience, initiative, planning and organising and self confidence