The aim of this blog is to showcase the artwork of my students and to share with you some of my insights into teaching art to young people, including challenges and successes.

I am in the lucky position to be teaching some wonderful young artists in a positive and creative environment where all participants have actively chosen to pursue their interest in art. Class sizes are small so that individual attention can be given to students. My students are of varying ages and artistic ability and knowledge. Working with small groups I am able to facilitate learning at different levels.

I have been teaching young people from my studio for over ten years. My blogs will keep you up to date with what is happening at RED GATE art studio at present and looking at some of the artwork of the past.


The logo for RED GATE art studio was painted by one of my talented students back in 2009.

First established as “Art in the Park Studios” (referring to Clovelly Park!), in 2009 I changed the name to RED GATE art studio. I liked the idea of something visual and recognisable for my young students- so if you are driving past you will see the ‘red’ gate. There were several paintings of the “RED GATE”, painted by my students that deserve recognition on this blog.

Redgate-art-artwork-landscape-red-gate20090806 0608
Redgate-art-artwork-landscape-red-gate20090806 0609
Redgate-art-artwork-landscape-red-gate20090817 0611
Redgate-art-artwork-landscape-red-gate20090806 0614




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As students EXPLORE the process of making art, they develop learning capabilities such as risk taking, problem solving, applying knowledge, skills and techniques, deveolping ideas, flexibility, communicating, persistence, resilience, initiative, planning and organising and self confidence