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The studio’s Art Classes for young people are a series of directed art sessions.

The basic elements and principles of design including line, shape, size, tone, texture and colour are covered. Exploration and knowledge of various mediums, techniques and colour mixing are expanded. Students experiment with and develop their skills using a range of mediums including acrylic paint, pencil, pastel, charcoal and mixed media. They are exposed to both contemporary and traditional artists. 

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The Red Gate Art Studio is located at

73 Norrie Ave

Clovelly Park 5042

Enter the Studio Via the RED GATE on Percy Ave

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Marie Louise Egar

Teacher / Artist

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As students EXPLORE the process of making art, they develop learning capabilities such as risk taking, problem solving, applying knowledge, skills and techniques, deveolping ideas, flexibility, communicating, persistence, resilience, initiative, planning and organising and self confidence